What is Co-ignite?

Our Vision StatementCoignite Logo

Co-ignite is a Collaborative Backbone Project Support organization that plans, manages, and coordinates collaborative, multi-stakeholder initiatives.

We do this by providing ongoing:

  • Clarification of the Shared Purpose and Intended Outcomes of collective efforts -- what WE want to cause to happen together.
  • Collaborative facilitation of collective initiatives.
  • Collaborative Project Management, based upon generating alignment and commitment to the work we want to do together.
  • Clear communication and coordination between all stakeholders.
  • Design and use of innovative teamwork technology that supports our communication, coordination, and work together even when we are physically separated.
  • Measurement of outcomes for the purpose of learning our way toward our intended impact.
  • Handling the dizzying array of logistical details required to make teams work smoothly together.  


We are a CollaborAction Project Center PLUS a Community Co-Learning CenterInifinite Discoveries Logo

Structurally, Co-ignite has two interrelated parts: a CollaborAction Project Center and a Community Co-Learning Center.

The Community Co-Learning Center, infinite Discoveries, is where we provide coaching, workshops, retreats, events and personal mastery programs aimed at individuals of all ages who are looking to discover, clarify and/or develop their own unique gifts or "super-powers". We believe that the best learning occurs through practice and application of learning on practical projects.  So, infinite Discoveries is coupled with the Co-ignite CollaborAction Project Center to provide a way of applying and practicing our learning through purposeful action.

The CollaborAction Project Center is where individuals and organizations come to participate on multi-stakeholder CollaborAction projects designed to bring Collective Impact to our complex social issues.  We apply the learning we gain in the Community Co-Learning Center to our CollaborAction projects. The models used for organizing our project teams are the latest in modern learning organization design described by such authors as Peter Senge, Margaret Wheatley, Peter Block, Peter Drucker, and others.

Find out more about the infinite Discoveries Community Learning Center.

Find out more about our current CollaborAction Projects.

Why do we need Co-ignite?
(hint: because the old way isn't working and we can't make the new way work alone)

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