Who is Co-ignite?

Co-ignite is a purpose and principle driven company.  We believe that our intentions make us who we are and determine the experience our clients and collaborators have with us.  So we believe that this is the best description you can have of who we are:

Our PurposeCompass Rose

The purpose of Co-ignite is to provide the coordination, infrastructure, and communication required for communities to take action - together.  Our intention is to make our work and our action more human, to support communities in becoming capable of addressing their complex issues, and to help us all to become more capable of authoring the most fulfilling life and future we can imagine for ourselves individually and collectively.

Our Fundamental Beliefs

We believe that fundamentally, all human beings:

  • Have innate gifts/super-powers - their important contribution to make to the world.
  • Have an important individual point-of-view that needs to be heard and considered.
  • Want their lives to have meaning and purpose.
  • Want their daily activity to be aligned with their life's meaning and purpose.
  • Love to learn and be challenged to do their best.
  • Love to do creative acts that serve to leave this world better than they found it.
  • Yearn to use their individual gifts to work collaboratively toward a meaningful shared vision and purpose.

Our Principles

Everyone that works with Co-ignite strives to work toward the following guiding principles.

  • We each accept and seek to embody our own unique gifts and powers while respecting the unique and different gifts and powers of others.
  • We organize ourselves to utilize and magnify each individual's strengths while making all of our weaknesses irrelevant.
  • We embody collaboration as a living example of the power of working together for a mutually desired future.
  • We believe the most effective way of learning is through doing purposeful work, together.
  • We engage each other fully in our work, giving every ounce of our best selves and expecting the best of everyone knowing that our best changes from day to day.
  • We consistently keep our commitments and fulfill our obligations.
  • We each take responsibility for our individual and collective impact.
  • We each own and speak our truth with clarity and invite others to speak theirs.
  • We treat everyone with dignity, respect, empathy, and understanding.
  • We honor the time we spend with others by beginning and ending our engagements on time.
  • We are flexible and understanding with ourselves and with others.
  • We are committed to being open to learning and feedback.   We also offer supportive feedback to others when they are open to it.
  • We support each other in learning how to embody these principles through our daily actions.

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Colliding Worlds

Two worlds colliding,
lone men standing on each,
imploring the other to
correct his course
so that the worlds could slide
silently by
without affecting the other.

Gripped by penetrating terror,
I choke back my plea
and keep silent.
Sacrificing my own world
in order to feel the impact
of another.

Surprised to find that
instead of being destroyed
we are now deeply connected,
each moving in new directions
toward places we would have never reached alone.

                 Jeffrey Young