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  • What Motivates Us?

    Jeff Young
    Jeff Young on Jun 02, 2010
    Tagged in: purpose, creativity, collaboration, change, business

    I received a cool email from Global Mindshift on Monday.  It contained a link to a 10 minute video from Daniel Pink on "The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us."  This is solid research supporting the ideas and approach behind Co-ignite's CollaborAction Communities - that we need to make our work places more human in order to get better performance.  Dan makes the point so well in this fun video that I will stop here and just let you see for yourself.  Enjoy.  See if you become as mesmerized watching the illustrator drawing pictures as I was.

    The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

  • Moving from Skills to Capabilities

    Jeff Young
    Jeff Young on May 16, 2010
    Tagged in: learning, education, change, capability

    It used to be that we prepared ourselves for our future by gaining skills for our lives and the workplace.  In a conversation I had recently I found another important distinction:  That in today’s world when we can no longer know what the future brings, we need to become more capable of responding to challenges.  The difference between capabilities and skills, in my mind, is that skills are about being competent in what you do

    Increasing your capability has more to do with who you are being.  It is more of a measure of what you have inside of you that you can bring to bear on your situation and the likelihood of you being successful.  It has to do with the less tangible aspects of your character, resiliency, attitude, and eagerness to learn and do what it takes to be successful.  To adequately prepare for our future, we need to shift our attention from just adding to the content of what we know  and the skills we have (both of which will soon be outdated) toward strengthening our capability and resolve to adapt.

  • Discovering your Purpose

    Jeff Young
    Jeff Young on May 14, 2010
    Tagged in: purpose, change, challenge

    When everything is feverishly changing around us, how do we know which way will lead toward success?  When we define our success on what is going on out there, the path will always be shifting and changing creating a confusing, exhausting, and ultimately futile journey. 

    However, when we shift our definition of success toward one of living our own purpose and contribution, the path forward is clear, more stable, and more powerful.   We aren’t just looking for shifting opportunities to get something we need; we come from a solid place of offering real value to the world and expecting to be fairly compensated for that value.

    Whether you are an individual or an organization, answering the fundamental questions of what is your essence of being, what offer are you making that is of real value to others, and toward what mission are you moving toward will ground you in a stable bedrock of purpose that will serve to clearly guide you when all else is chaos. This use of purpose goes far beyond the standard vision or mission statements meticulously word-smithed by countless companies or individuals long forgotten in filing cabinets as part of a strategic planning exercise.  To discover your purpose means reaching down into your soul to find the answers that rock your very being and deeply move your customers or clients.  It’s not so much about what you do as what you stand and strive for.  It’s more alive and more compelling to ourselves, our colleagues, and our customers.  It is a huge differentiator in a competitive market. 

    Do you think you already have a purpose and that you can discover it? Or do you lean toward the notion that you choose your own purpose?  Respond and let me know.

  • Shift Happens: How Can We Prepare for our Future?

    Jeff Young
    Jeff Young on May 12, 2010
    Tagged in: learning, change, capability

    A colleague of mine shared a popular YouTube video with me.  It’s called “Shift Happens” and you can view the video by following this link: 

    Shift Happens Video

    He offered it because it highlights a central theme of mine that economic discomfort we are experiencing is not just a recession, but a symptom of much larger changes and challenges facing us.  These changes are reaching a point where they are breaking many underlying assumptions we have about learning and education.  My favorites among the facts highlighted by this video are:

    • The amount of technical information generated in our world is doubling every 2 years.   For students starting a 4 year degree, half of what they learned in their first year of study will be outdated by their 3rd year of study!
    •  The Top 10 in-demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004.
    • We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist.  Using technologies that haven’t been invented.  In order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.
    • The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that today’s learner will have 10-14 jobs…   By the age of 38.
    • 1 in 4 workers has been with their employer less than one year.  1 in 2 has been there less than 5 years.

    Are our schools and universities adequately preparing us and our children for our future?  When I saw this video, my doubts were dramatically increased.  If our schools and universities aren’t adequately preparing us, who will?