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Where individuals and organizations come together to achieve Collective Impact.

Why? Because we find ourselves at the beginning of the 21st century in a dire situation:

  • The way we used to take action together is no longer working.
  • The urgent, complex, and global issues we now face were caused by our need to work toward inidividual gain.
  • These complex issues can only be solved by working together to balance individual needs with shared goals that work for the betterment of all.
  • We need to combine all our efforts in a coordinated way to address whole issues from many different directions at once; to move beyond isolated, individual impact toward Collective Impact.

However, Collective Impact isn't easy to achieve.  Most partnerships, networks, and other joint efforts fail because not enough attention is paid to providing the infrastructure and coordination required to make the collective effort work.  Collaborative success can only be achieved where there is skillful collaborative leadership that coordinates everyone's contribution toward achieving a shared vision and collective goals instead of sub-optimized individual agendas.

Co-ignite offers the skilled collaborative leadership, coordination, and management required to achieve Collective Impact.  We are the backbone organization that makes collaborative projects really work.   

What's Here?

You have arrived at the front door of our on-line CollaborAction Workplace.  Members may login at the link at the top, right corner. 

This web site is a central "CollaborAction" hub where we:

  • Define our shared goals for collective action.
  • Decide how our individual efforts will reinforce each other to create larger impact.
  • Clarify what success will look like and measure our progress toward that success.
  • Learn our way forward by engaging in adaptive learning practices. 

Here are some of the specific things you can do here and now to engage with us:

We hope you will join us in our conversation as we learn how to transform
the way we make our collective actions more impactful together!

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The Co-ignite Collaborative Blog
  • Adapting to a New Era

    Jeff Young
    Jeff Young on Apr 22, 2010
    Tagged in: learning, education, change, challenge

    I have been talking with a lot of people recently and boldly sharing my sense that:

    • There is a fundamental shift in our world going on.
    • A new era is being born – right now in front of our eyes.
    • We probably won’t be going back to the way of life we had just a few years ago.
    • The rules for personal and business success have changed dramatically.
    • Maybe the age-old strategy of creating a resume and looking for a job just like the one you had previously may no longer be the right strategy.

    As I have shared these seemingly shocking observations and questions I have been surprised at the almost unanimous nodding heads of agreement.  Not a single person has argued with me.  No one has told me I was off base.  It is as if most of us already know deep inside of ourselves that this is true even if it isn’t generally talked about.

    Yet what do we do?  Where do we go to learn the skills we are going to need in this new era where we probably will continue not to know what the world will be like a year into the future?  Do we go back to school to learn these new skills?  Traditional schools, colleges, and universities have been very good at collecting and giving us the subject knowledge and theories that have been found to be useful by offering us informational lectures and testing us whether we remember what we have been told.  But, with few exceptions, traditional schools at any level have not really focused on helping to develop a student’s ability to:

    • Find the inner compass of their inner purpose.
    • Define their contribution toward a collective vision of the future we want to make for ourselves as a community, country, and world.
    • Create an adaptable plan that keeps them on their path toward their life’s purpose and goals.
    • Identify what they need to learn to become the person they most want to be.
    • Execute their plan in collaboration with others
    • Adapt to the change we know is coming. (This is the only thing we do know about our future!)
  • Are You a Luxury or a Necessity?

    Jeff Young
    Jeff Young on Jan 08, 2010
    Tagged in: learning, change, business

    Have you heard your customers tell you that they can no longer use your services because of the economy?  Do they politely tell you that they love what you do, would still recommend you to others, and they will return as soon as they have the money again?  This is one of the warning signs that you are positioning yourself too high for where your market is right now.

    Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:

    Do you remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?  His model offers a way of understand how people are coping in our present economy and how you can adjust and adapt to meet their current needs.   In Maslow’s Hierarchy, a human being is able to address higher needs only after the needs of lower stages have been satisfied.  The levels of needs in Maslow’s model are:


    What has happened in our economy over the past few months has moved most people from higher levels on this model down to the level of Safety.  As a result, if your product or service is not absolutely essential to your customers’ survival they will view you as a luxury and will choose to stop buying from you.  It’s that simple. 


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