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Where individuals and organizations come together to achieve Collective Impact.

Why? Because we find ourselves at the beginning of the 21st century in a dire situation:

  • The way we used to take action together is no longer working.
  • The urgent, complex, and global issues we now face were caused by our need to work toward inidividual gain.
  • These complex issues can only be solved by working together to balance individual needs with shared goals that work for the betterment of all.
  • We need to combine all our efforts in a coordinated way to address whole issues from many different directions at once; to move beyond isolated, individual impact toward Collective Impact.

However, Collective Impact isn't easy to achieve.  Most partnerships, networks, and other joint efforts fail because not enough attention is paid to providing the infrastructure and coordination required to make the collective effort work.  Collaborative success can only be achieved where there is skillful collaborative leadership that coordinates everyone's contribution toward achieving a shared vision and collective goals instead of sub-optimized individual agendas.

Co-ignite offers the skilled collaborative leadership, coordination, and management required to achieve Collective Impact.  We are the backbone organization that makes collaborative projects really work.   

What's Here?

You have arrived at the front door of our on-line CollaborAction Workplace.  Members may login at the link at the top, right corner. 

This web site is a central "CollaborAction" hub where we:

  • Define our shared goals for collective action.
  • Decide how our individual efforts will reinforce each other to create larger impact.
  • Clarify what success will look like and measure our progress toward that success.
  • Learn our way forward by engaging in adaptive learning practices. 

Here are some of the specific things you can do here and now to engage with us:

We hope you will join us in our conversation as we learn how to transform
the way we make our collective actions more impactful together!

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  • Bring on the Learning Revolution!

    Jeff Young

    I came across the following video yesterday and was deeply moved.  (Link to the Video)  Sir Ken Robinson has once again spoken bringing great clarity to the changes needed in learning and education.  I have been focusing for many years on digging deeply into the gifts and talents of people and helping them develop those gifts to the point of designing a life around the pursuit of mastery of those gifts.  I have long held that we absolutely require a change from the industrial model of learning to one centered on empowering each individual to follow their own path, offer their unique gifts, and organize around actions they care most about. 

    Here is an absolutely wonderful speaker describing this central issue in an impactful and entertaining way.  I am interested in having conversations about how we actually do what Sir Ken Robinson advocates.  How do we create learning centers for people of all ages that is focused on creating the environment that cultivates each individual’s unique spirit and brings us together into communities of common interest in action?  I hope you join us in this conversation and exploration.

  • Do You Know HOW to Become one of the New Generation of Non-Profits?

    Jeff Young

    I was reading the following blog article about the “New Generation of Non-Profits on Stanford’s Social Innovation Review and found it very interesting.  (http://bit.ly/e76moG)  (Written by Rosetta Thurman - @rosettathurman)  The point of the article is that a new generation of non-profit organization as well as leadership is being strongly called for.   It clearly identified the more collaborative and network oriented skills that leaders and organizations now need to be successful.  I agree with the author and with all of skills she identifies.

    Whether we work with for-profit or non-profit organizations, we all need to develop these new organization and leadership skills that reach out and develop relationships with others.  It is critical to our continued success.   In fact, I think our choice really is to learn how to become this new generation of organization or be left behind.  Rosetta Thurman’s blog article and the resources it references point out a good start to get a sense of what is needed.

    While identifying what a new generation organization might look like is useful, it doesn’t yet tell you how to move from today’s reality to that new generation organization.  The people I talk to lead me to believe that we all seem to be working too hard being overwhelmed – doing far more than we really can with continually less and less.  How can we possibly figure out how to learn these new skills on top of our existing work just to keep going?   I am currently focusing on exactly this issue in my own work – how we can successfully build a bridge to this next generation of organization.

    My work has led me to a framework I am using with organizations and individuals that does create this bridge to a new generation of non-profit and teaches them how to cross it over time.  The structure of this framework includes the following principles:


  • Are You a Wolf or a Dog?

    Jeff Young
    Jeff Young on Jan 18, 2011
    Tagged in: teams, collaboration

    This weekend I saw a really great program on PBS’s Nova entitled, “Dogs Decoded”.  (http://bit.ly/dJpw3R)   The program sought to explain how dogs evolved from wolves.  The program is typical of Nova being both entertaining and scientifically interesting at the same time.

    One major discovery of the scientists exploring the evolution of dogs is that much of what we see as differences between dogs and wolves probably evolved by humans selecting and breeding non-aggressive wolves.  Demonstrated by experiments on grey foxes over generations, this selection process of breeding based only on non-aggressiveness created populations of animals that are more emotionally aware and cooperative with others including humans.

    On the other hand, wolves, no matter how they were trained or raised from birth were not able to exhibit the cooperative and collaborative behavior of dogs.  I wonder whether we can/should learn anything about humans from this study?

    It makes me wonder whether it is even really possible to deeply teach collaboration and cooperation to some people who are not “wired” for it.  Is this something that is built into our DNA like it is for dogs?  Do some humans have the genes for collaboration and cooperation and naturally show that as desirable behavior early on as dogs do?  Are other humans wired for more independent hunters as wolves are and should be honored for that trait?


  • The Search for Great Leadership

    Jeff Young
    Jeff Young on Jan 13, 2011
    Tagged in: purpose, learning, leadership, challenges

    What is leadership?  One of my colleagues and a person I can genuinely call a good friend has spent a good portion of his life helping others answer this question.  I recently received a wonderful video poem from him that, in my own opinion, nails the elusive answer to this important question.  You can find this extraordinary poem here:  The Search for Great Leadership

    What do you think of this viewpoint?  How then do you become a great leader?  Do you need followers?  I would love to hear from you.  This topic is very important to me and to Co-ignite.

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