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We focus on what you need to grow your business!

While most web and app development companies focus on the latest cool technology, we focus on you, your business, and how we can help you grow your business.  The technology solutions you need must be well-designed to help your customers enjoy a simple and easy experience getting what they need from your company quickly and easily.

We create web sites and mobile apps designed to delight your customers while you enjoy less effort and more profit.  We provide the technical tools and infrastructure you need to achieve an elegant new design for your business.



A World-Class Agile Development Team

We bring together all the user interface, graphic art, computer science, database, and web professionals that you need on your team to create the compelling customer experience you need to grow your business.   We use an agile scrum approach to quickly get products in the hands of your customers so we can learn together what really works for them. 


We are a Learning Organization

From the most to the least experienced member of our team, we highly value learning and growing.  We not only work together on projects, but we also teach new members and each other how to do our work better and quicker with every project.  All of our clients benefit from this growing body of experience we are accumulating. It also allows us to offer a choice in the price for our projects by putting the right level of experience on your team to fit your technical and budget needs.

We are a Community Learning Center


We also have a learning and mentoring program for those who wish to learn how to create computer technology.  We reach out to schools and students who would like to grow their knowledge and proficiency in math, art, and technology into a successful and satisfying career.   Your project not only helps grow your business, but also supplies opportunities for us to help our young people grow our community.

All teams are led by very experienced computer design professionals who supervise all work.  The members are chosen to meet your needs for expertise, time, as well as your budget.  You have approval authority for all members of the team selected for your project. 



Creating a successful mobile app requires business design, technical design and application development experience to be successful.

  • Business Design
  • Technical Design
  • Application Development

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  • Business Design
  • Organizational Change
  • User Experience Design
  • Native iOS App Design & Development
  • Web Site Design & Development
  • Prototypes
  • Agile Application Development

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